NY Sonic Team


The Great Sonic Fan's Picnic                                                 

In Late May, We are having a big picnic located at Central Park. We haven't decided yet of the Date, Time or Location where we are meeting, but we are all ears for any suggestions.

NY Sonic Team Meeting Update (04/02/14):

We held a NY Sonic Team Meeting Wednesday, April 4th regarding ideas for the picnic.

So far we have gotten ideas for Activities and came up with a date.

Regarding Activities, We had decided that, depending on the weather, we are going to have a Big Water War! So we hope our team mates don't mind a little water :).

If Anyone has anymore ideas, Please let us know,

As for the Date, We are planning on holding this event Saturday, May, 24th 2014. Of course this date isn't permanent. If this date will be too much of a problem. Please let us know.

For other information:

What is a Picnic without food? We'd love for our participants to bring at least one Dish or Drink (or both if you can). We also discussed about where we are going to meet. We are planning to meet at 59th Street, Columbus Circle.. If people feel there is a better location to meet. Please, again, let us know.

You can post all of your ideas, suggestion, comments, ext. here --> Click Here! 

We will be holding future Meetings regarding the Picnic. Please try to make it to these meetings and spread some suggestions. We want this event to be the best it can be! Stay posted for any updates and hope to see ya'll there!