NY Sonic Team


NY Sonic Team Trip to New Roc City                                     


As gamers, it's only best to have a trip to an arcade, correct? So that's what this trip is all about. In late June, let's go back in time a bit and go a little bit retro and head over to New Rock City. Not only is there Arcade games there, But there is Go carts,. Bowling, Pool, Laser Tag and other great attractions. We will be holding Meetings for this event to bring up suggestions and to keep people posted.

Here's the plan for this trip though. Unfortunately to go to certain places, you'll need money. So we have a "Pot" System. What is the "Pot" System you may ask? It is a little deposit system we have. For trips like this, we rely on everyone to gather a few bucks so we can go on these types of trips. We had a previous trip using this system and it was highly successful. In fact, we still have money left over from that trip to put towards this one.

Anywho, using the "Pot" System, according to our Financial Adviser, If everyone puts in $5.06 every week starting now, we will have enough by late June to go on this trip. It all depends if people are willing to contribute. Of course we will understand your situation if you are unemployed, overwhelmed with bills, ext. It's for those reasons why we hold meetings.

We hope that this trip goes as well as the previous ones. See you guys there!!